Having spent 20 years working in the textile field of the creative arts, I decided to explore new craft forms.
I returned to full time education and, in 2000, graduated with a first class honours degree, specialising in kiln formed glass.
I design and hand craft all the pieces in my Nottingham studio. I put down layers of colour like a painter to create areas that appear woven or patched like a quilt this also has a bearing on my previous work with textiles.
I aim to create textural effects, suggesting movement and dynamism within the glass. Although I work decisively and swiftly, the firing process means that, depending on the size and shape, a piece can take two days to create.

Some of the work I’m most proud of is working with Sat Bains, Nottingham’s own Michelin starred celebrity chef, creating bespoke pictures and tableware for his restaurant.

Anna French personal photo

I am influenced by landscapes both natural and man-made. As a town dweller I look out on roofscapes and often incorporate elements of geometry that I see in architectural details. However, in my free time I seek remote and challenging places to explore.

Since 2002 I have spent part of each year in Morocco where I now have a house. I am currently developing lighting designs using Moroccan silver and working closely with the artisans in Marrakech.

"My glass designs are to be viewed, used and enjoyed"