Anna French and Sat Bains in Nottingham

Restaurant Sat Bains, Nottingham

"Anna French has worked with the restaurant since 2004, bringing her unique eye for detail and fantastic skill to the glass we are so proud of, from the bespoke butter dishes to the hand crafted hangings on our walls."
Sat Bains

Sat Bains butter dish

Hibiscus, Ludlow

In 2005 Claude Bosi of Hibiscus restaurant, Ludlow commissioned 3 pieces of wall art for his restaurant now relocated to Maddox Street, London and winner of 2 Michelin stars.

Hibiscus restaurant glass panel

A special piece of handcrafted art glass will create the right ambiance for your premises and enhance your brand.
We will design a bespoke decorative piece or unique range of tableware to reflect the theme of your restaurant or shop.